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If your goal is boosting your income this year or perhaps quitting your own job, this is a must-read. Financial Mentor is one of my favorite money blogs that teeters on the more serious side of things. Ex-hedge fund manager Todd Tresidder breaks down an array of complex money topics in a way that is easy to digest and understand.

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This site has a million ideas for outfits and includes many images featuring weekend wear, work ensembles, and more. The XO Necole blog is smart and relevant, featuring everything from celebrity news to beauty routines and money advice. If you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world, this is the site to check out.

Money Owl provides insurance, investment, online wills writing, and other kinds of financial planning. Based on their website, the focus of money smart is for people to make smart financial decisions by comparing and applying for the best personal finance products. Sometimes lifestyle blogs may seem like just a fun thing to skim through in our spare time. However, the best lifestyle blogs can offer a ton of useful information that can help us stay current on trends and events. When Crystal and her husband first got married they were living on a “beans-and-rice budget” to avoid getting into debt while her husband went through law school.

I Dont Know If Youve Noticed A New Start

Her personal situation and professional experiences as a financial reporter made her realize there was very little access to digestible financial advice for young adults. Farnoosh wrote her first book, You’re So Money – Live Rich Even When You’re Not, to help young adults achieve financial independence. Now, through her books, podcast, blog and guest appearances she has helped many better manage their money. If you enjoyed this list of personal finance blog topics, sign up to get access to even more blog post ideas and printable checklists for free at Blog Biz School.

We challenge each other to excel, and to have a positive impact on the world. As an MFin student, you have full access to the MIT Sloan Career Development Office, as well as the MIT Career Advising & Professional Development Office, expanding the list of prospective employers. Career preparation is an important aspect of the MFin program.

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Our articles focus on realistic goals, everyday living, and achieving the life you deserve without breaking the bank. Budgeting, living debt free, managing credit, saving for personal goals, investing, and planning for retirement each play a part in personal finance. Our blogs offer tips, tricks, and best practices offered from a variety of perspectives. DollarSprout is just over a year old, but already a leading personal finance blog.

For example, for the “save $2000 for a car down payment” goal, you have to save $200 a month for 10 months. But with your current income & expenses it’s not possible. So you figure you have to create an extra source of income – a part-time job, a side gig. That becomes your specific plan for achieving that specific goal. Now go through every goal you set up & create a detailed, step by step plan for each one.

You’ll learn about different leadership styles including autocratic style, coaching style, authoritative style, etc. while working on this project. Remarks – Branding can have a huge impact on a company’s success. Understanding how you create a brand and promote it is vital for the growth and marketing of a business. Ensuring finance departments are being utilised to the best of their ability and using the most up-to-date systems is key for good financial management. So as our thoughts turn to continued business recovery, we must now also focus on how we can help empower the modern finance function of the future, based on their new-found responsibilities.

He teaches people just like you how to make money in the gig economy and has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, Discover and more. He normally shares the latest news, videos, and topics for gig workers so they can earn more money in the gig economy. Investing should definitely be a finance topic that you should blog about. Almost everyone wants to make money and investing is one way to do it either short-term or long-term. In fact, the term “make money” receives over 33,100 searches per month.

What Is A Salary Slip Or Pay Slip? Difference Between Salary Slip And Salary Certificate

This carzetta article offers some ideas to assist you in becoming a lifelong learner. Go through them and find things you don’t need or things you might have forgotten you’re still paying for. For example, you may need to stop eating out, gym memberships, cable TV, etc. If you have private student loans, you can also refinance them. Through that, you can get private student loan relief and avoid bankruptcy.

The Biglaw Investor helps lawyers and other high-income professionals learn about personal finance and investing. Joshua Holt attempts to achieve this by providing information you never received during law school. Hello there, I’m Nick Maggiulli, the creator of Of Dollars And Data. The goal of my work on Of Dollars And Data are to help you make better financial decisions using the best information available. As a result, this blog will cover ideas such as what to expect from financial markets, how to think about risk, and more.

When food is ‘bae’, we can’t resist the eager to search for new recipes and gourmet other fellow foodies are into. Rather than turn to heavy cookbooks, many have turned to online blogs and their much-loved bloggers for those new casserole ideas. We all go through dreaded dry spells where new blog post ideas become as elusive as hen’s teeth. This post is going to give you a whole bunch of new blog post ideas. This is another one of my long-time favorite blogs, purely because I like the family behind the blog, and what they advocate.

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