( 25 we donate to esperanza verde)

Esperanza Verde is a conservation project in the Amazon basin of Peru, consisting of both wildlife rescue and rainforest protection. The objective is to work closely together with the local community so that the forest can be managed in a sustainable way. The projects now owns 180 hectares of rainforest, named ‘Selva Dormida’. With the help of the people of Bello Horizonte, the neighboring village, we hope to be able to protect a bigger area in the future.

(25 euro we donate to Beelife)

Beelife is a small organization driven on passion to support the wild bee. The bee how is very important for our daily food chain and without the bee there is no pollination so no new crops. By the effort of beelife the bee can get some of his habitat back and the specie can recover. To seed wild flowers the population has the chance to survive

(25 euro we donate to north bali reef)

North Bali Reef Conservation is a Non-Governmental Organisation and volunteering program based in the small fishing village of Tianyar on the North East coast of Bali. Tianyar’s reef has the potential to be a healthy and highly diverse coral reef but is currently in poor condition due to irresponsible and unsustainable actions in the past. Until the 1950s the Tianyar beach was a trading port where ships would anchor on the reef to trade basic goods for fresh food and water. 

The strap is made from a hemp

Algemene leverings voorwaarden watch4nature.

  • artikelen worden uitsluitend geleverd na betaling
  • bezorgkosten komen voor rekening van de koper
  • teruggave is alleen mogelijk bij fabrieks schade
  • schade bij transport is voor transporteur
  • eventuele schade zal worden vastgesteld door expert
  • voor schadebepaling worden onderzoeks kosten in rekening gebracht
  • bij vaststellen van fabrieks schade worden deze terug gestort.
  • schade door gebruik wordt niet vergoed
  • slijtage door gebruik wordt niet vergoed
  • mechaniek heeft onderhoud nodig en is zorg voor koper
  • slijtage op onderdelen valt niet onder garantie
  • vegan cactus leer is experimenteel
  • voortijdige slijtage band door gebruik wordt niet vergoed
  • levering wordt direct na aankoop /betaling binnen 3 dagen verstuurd

Watch4Nature by Watchmakermuseum.com

The most collectible, exclusive, amazing, innovative, stunning designed watches of the world

Billions are spent every year for the purchase of a watch, with the knowledge that a lot of money is paid for a special watch, watch4nature is a good basis for raising money for charity.

Objective The manufacture of a special handmade watch 1/1 under the sign of a good and small nature conservation initiative.
This will be offered by auction and the proceeds will go entirely to this initiative.

In addition, there will also be a hundred watches with the same appearance but simpler in execution that will be for sale in the museum shop, 100 euros per watch will be donated directly to the initiative by the buyer as part of the purchase transaction.

Watchmakermuseum will always select a new artisan watchmaker for a follow-up model and a new initiative.

Watch4nature will therefore achieve several goals whereby on the one hand the craft of watchmaking will be supported, revenues will flow to nature conservation and a buyer who will be able to tell with pride why his watch has more value than an overpriced watch from a well-known brand.

Watch4nature has already started and the first watch is now being manufactured, this one is dedicated to the animal shelter “esperanza verde” in Peru.

A Dutch family who dedicate their lives to saving animals and trees. Some years ago I was on the broadcast of Floortje Dressing. An initiative like this was the choice to start watch4nature in order to support this family in their mission.




• Alarm
• Astronaut
• Bullhead
• Calculator
• Chronograph
• Date
• Dive
• Erotic
• Expedition
• Game
• History of Automatic

• History of Automatic
• Jump Hour
• Masterpieces
• Medical
• Movie
• Nixie
• PC
• Phone
• Planetarium
• Power Reserve
• Radio Controlled

• Remote Controlled
• Repetition
• Skull
• Special Feature
• Spy
• Steampunk
• Talking
• Tourbillon
• Waterproof
• Yacht Timer

Open from 12 August till 24 October from 10:00 – 19:00

After 19:00 till 22:00 it is possible to reserve for private groups (minimum 10 people)


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Hele bijzondere collectie horloges met elk een interessant verhaal verteld door de oprichter Ralph Janssen. Hele ontspannen en vrijblijvende sfeer tijdens de rondleiding. De eigenaar heeft deze collectie, bestaande uit honderen horloges, afgelopen decennia zelf opgebouwd en verzameld. Absoluut een must-see en aanrader voor de echte horloge liefhebber, ook als je dat niet bent.
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Great tour and very beautiful and special collection! Thanks.
John Doe
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Fantastic tour of a super interesting collection! Thanks.
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Translation: Everyone should definitely take a look. Ralph has worked hard on this with passion!
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Fantastische rondleiding door een super interessante collectie! Dank.
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Iedereen moet zeker even een kijkje nemen. Ralph heeft keihard met passie hieraan gewerkt!
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Very special collection of watches, each with an interesting story told by the founder Ralph Janssen. Very relaxed and non-committal atmosphere during the tour. The owner has built up and collected this collection, consisting of hundreds of watches, over the decades. Definitely a must-see and recommended for the real watch enthusiast, even if you are not.
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Geweldige rondleiding en hele mooie en bijzondere collectie! Bedankt.


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